Judy will be presenting on-going professional development workshops for schools, districts, and reading associations during the 2014-2015 school year:

Floral Park-Bellerose School District
Franklin Square
South Huntington
Reading Council of Suffolk County April 16

In addition to working with the individual schools and districts listed above, Judy will be providing Regional Workshops at Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Western Suffolk BOCES, and Nassau BOCES. (Teachers and administrators in any district throughout Nassau or Suffolk County can attend any of these workshops. Call your BOCES for information to cross contract.)

Nassau Boces

October 2 2014:
Look-fors While Supervising Differentiated Instruction in a Common Core Classroom (Grades 3-12 Supervisors and Administrators) (half-day workshops)

November 21, 2014:
DI Institute: Can We Really Differentiate with ONE Assessment for ALL (Grades 2-6 Teachers and Administrators)

Western Suffolk Boces

November 19, 2014:
Differentiating Instruction in Gen Ed Classrooms for English Language Learners and for Students with Disabilities (Grades 3-10 Gen Ed Teachers and Administrators)

January 14, 2014:
Fostering Reading and Writing in Music and Art Classrooms: Supervising Core Principles in a Differentiated Classroom (Elementary and Secondary)

March 4 2014:
Core Instructional Routines (Grades 4-10 Social Studies, Science, ELA focus)

Eastern Suffolk Boces
October 8
Interactive Notegbooks for Social Studies: The Ultimate tool for differentiated instruction (
Grades 4-12 Social Studies Teachers and Supervisors)

October 15 Look-fors while supervising differentiated instruction in a common core classroom (Grades 3-12 Supervisors and Administrators) (half-day workshops)

Novermber 25 2014
Reading and Wrtiting in the Secondary Classroom: Core Challenges to overcome (Grades 6-12 Social Studies, Science, Health and Technical Subjects, Teachers and Administrators)

December 3
Core Instructional Routines (Grades 4-10 Social Studies, Science, ELA focus)

February 5 Addressing Student Varieance in the Heterogeneous ELA Classroom: Tiering Activities for Student Readiness (Grades 3-10)

March 6 Differentiating Instruction in the Gen Ed Classroom: For English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities (Grades 3-10 General Education Teachers and Administrators)